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Tai nghe SoundMAGIC HP100

Tai nghe SoundMAGIC HP100

Closed back design, 53mm driver
Frequency range: 10 Hz – 30 KHz
Impedance: 32 Ohm
Sensitivity: 95 dB/mW
Colour: Black, mirror finished earcups
Price: Approx. $200

Build quality and accessories.
The build quality is excellent. The housing is made of plastic, with leatherette padded earcups, and the headband is metal enforced plastic with leatherette padding. The one sided detachable cable is coiled and 120-400 cm long, and it terminates in a straight jack.
The included accessories are, a 3.5 to 6.3 mm jack adapter, a flight adapter, a cleaning cloth and a very nice hard case with built in accessory case. Excellent accessory kit, and especially the case is superb!

Comfort and fit.
The SoundMAGIC HP100 are very comfortable to wear, and at 288 gram they are not too heavy for longer listening sessions either. The earcups are very comfortable and covers the entire ear without applying any pressure on the ear itself. The headband is very comfortable with its rich padding and together with the earcups this ensures ultimate comfort and perfect fit.
There are next to no microphonic noises from the cable. Also, the SoundMAGIC HP100 offer surprisingly good isolation from background noise.

Sound quality.
The SoundMAGIC HP100 do not really change drastically over time with burn in
The sound signature is natural and accurate, nearly clinical. The bass is light, but very tight and precise, mids are full of detail, highs are clear and expansive, and the soundstage is large and well layered for a closed back headphone. None of the frequencies seem to be emphasised over the others, that said they do not sound flat or lifeless in any way. Granted they may not be the most “fun” headphones to listen to, they are more geared towards the “audiophile” crowd more than towards the “boom-boom-bass” crowd.
Great detail and quality over quantity would be a good way of describing the audio presentation of the SoundMAGIC HP100.

My test tracks, and all other tracks I have tried with them sound impressive, full of detail and very precise without crossing the line to sterile or flat. The HP100s can be used for critical monitoring as well as casual listening, I can see them being used by audio professionals on a budget. That said, there is nothing budget about the sound of the HP100s, they are very capable earphones.

As an added bonus they respond very well to to the use of EQ and DSP, and if you turn up the lower frequencies a notch or two, the SoundMAGIC HP100 change attitude and become bass cannons that can blur your vision if required.

To sum up.
The good: excellent sound quality and detail, excellent build quality, excellent hard case and accessories.
The bad: (maybe) not suited for bassheads.

Verdict: highly recommended!

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